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The OACYC celebrated 60 years in 2019!

The professional association of Child Care Workers was incorporated August 1, 1969, as the Child Care Workers Association of Ontario (CCWAO).

With the development of standardized training programs in the community colleges, degree programs, a professional journal, and provincial and national conferences, the profession expanded rapidly throughout Ontario.

The role of the CYC also expanded well beyond the traditional residential worker in psychiatric facilities for children and adolescents. With these new roles and status came a new name. In 1989 the CCWAO became the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors. In 1999, the OACYC became the largest CYC association in North America.  In 2015, the OACYC becomes the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care.

To download a PDF of the History Timeline, please click here.