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Professional Child and Youth Care Practitioners have successfully completed a post-secondary CYC program from a publicly funded and/or CYCEAB accredited college or university and/or successfully completed the CYCCB certification process. Once a person has successfully completed their education/certification, they are eligible for Full Professional Certified Membership with the OACYC. This membership identifies the member’s commitment to a higher standard of practice and accountability.

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities sets the Child and Youth Care Program Standards

for the accredited programs in the Province of Ontario.

To explore the programs in Ontario Colleges/Universities, please refer to the map below, by clicking on each map dot you can explore each Child and Youth Care Program via the link listed in the description.

To learn more about the Child and Youth Care Educational Accreditation Board of Canada (CYCEAB) and their accreditation processes, please click here.

To see a list of CYCEAB accredited schools and programs, please click here.

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