Organizational Membership

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Organizational Member

$200.00 + HST $26.00

= $226.00

Organizational Membership is available to academic and larger institutions and organizations that provide services for children, youth and families, and/or employs and supports persons who work within the Association’s scope of practice.
Organizational Partner

= In Kind Relationship

Organizational Partnership is based on the foundation of support and is a reciprocal relationship.  We foresee this partnership as one where organizations promote and/or require that their staff are to be members of the OACYC and/or support the OACYC in various ways to build our profession. The Association, in turn, will post any jobs, events, and trainings, etc. on our members only portal. We will also post your logo on the website and highlight your organization on social media.  In addition, we ask that you consider giving OACYC members a discount on your offered trainings/events if you are posting them on the OACYC website. There is no fee for Organizational Partnerships, instead it is grounded in our reciprocal and relational values as a profession recognizing that our field is often underfunded.