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Call For Submissions For The OACYC Winter Chronicle

Hello Child and Youth Care community,

The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care is seeking to platform the voices from our diverse Child and Youth Care Practitioner member and non-member communities in our upcoming 2021 Winter Chronicle. The edition will focus on the topic of Supervision, Mentorship and Networking in Child and Youth Care, as this was the most voted on topic in our recent Membership survey.  Supervision in Child and Youth care is unique to other professions, as it aims to mirror the relational practice we use in our practice with young people, families and communities.  Writing about these topics is relevant at any time as they provide a sense of connection, build community and offer support, new opportunities and learning, as well as ensuring ethical practice. All of these aspects have been challenged and adapted since the global pandemic, and we would like to hear about your experiences and your thoughts on the importance of developing and maintaining these important practices, both for ourselves as practitioners and for the well-being of the young people, families and communities we work alongside. We would also like to encourage those providing Supervision to practitioners to share their experiences.

We welcome all ideas and topics, including those shared below which can be reconsidered within the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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